Lada Riva 1984

One owner, 27k.





1977 LHD Mk2 Escort 1100 2 door

Rolling with std. 1100 engine/ box/ axle.

No s/r.

New wings.front panel.splash panels, inner/outer sills

both rear wells. part trimmed with all glass,loom,

Includes V5







Yuks Rally Blogg 2010

Lookout Stages Melbourne 21st March

Trackrod MC

Out for first time with new Millington Diamond after disasterous first outing in 09 when after 1/2 mile the b'stard popped a leg out,( that was the first serious blow up in 40 yrs. of rallying?)

Morning started pretty wet and shitey, dried out later. On 6th stage the bugger stopped, rotor arm broke.




Tour of Hamsterley. 9th May. Superb event, 8 stages,sunny/dry, 3 in Hamsterley and 2 in Stang and back to Hamsteley for same 3. (Had probs week before with engine cutting out, fitted new master swtch), "might be cut out swtch" Scaiffy says, "take bridging connector, if the f'ker stops, put in in". Stage 3 it did, stopped for 4 mins, put bridge in and away we went,no probs after with that,so there, a new swtch can be !!! Got to Stang, (better stages, in that they were more open and faster) did Stang 2, trying a little too hard and popped into a ditch, car bellied, 20 speccys humped it back onto stage and away we went, 10ish mins lost.Ended up 31st. Claim to fame, we were the highest over the yump,both Jem and I had aching bodys next day,where's the pics????


Middle pic., square right.,big cut!!! don't ask!!!! senior moment me thinks. Thanks Twinny for pic